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The Classic Monochromatic Style

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The Classic Monochromatic Style

The classic style will always remain elegant, sophisticated and timeless. A style that is trustworthy regardless of situations, allowing women to express their elegance and femininity in an indisputable manner. It adapted over time to suit the needs of modern women, but still composed of neat lines and clean cuts.

The monochromatic dressing is one of the favorite strategies of women with the classic style. Models, actresses and members of royal families, often lean towards the monochromatic style when looking to obtain a spectacular look with minimum efforts.

What is the classic monochromatic style? It is about wearing separates of the same color, in different or similar hues, from head to toe. Mixing textures of different materials and various silhouettes also creates pleasant visual effects. Not only is this elegant and feminine look capable of turning heads but also reflects a strong attitude and personality.

Here are several famous women that proudly wear this particular style and look amazing in their chosen attire. It gives them effortless elegance, flatters their figure, and helps them draw all the attention.

Cate Blanchett (in the picture above), chose a pale pink outfit for this sophisticated, sleek and effortless style. Opting for the monochromatic style, pulled this outfit out of anonymity and turned her into a very elegant appearance. 

Photo Credit: Sydnestyle

Priyanka Chopra looks hot and sophisticated, all at the same time, in this all-red attire. This gorgeous brunette chose pieces with different textures and slightly different hues. Also, the cuts and style of the clothes contribute to the appearance of a slim and beautiful silhouette. A classic style with an edgy vibe.

Photo credit: Splash News via Vogue 

Sandra Bullock looks stunning in these royal blue monochromatic separates. This is the kind of outfit that is suitable to wear to work, and later on, can be worn while enjoying some drinks with your friends. It is comfortable, casual, yet feminine and elegant.

Photo credit: Don Arnold/wireimage via Instyle 

Miranda Kerr managed to pull off the ideal lady-like urban look effortlessly with this ivory ensemble. The outfit compliments her slim silhouette, looks amazing with a pair of stilettos and a handbag in the similar color. A perfect picture of a very feminine, polished woman.

Photo Credit: JustJared

It’s no secret that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, knows her way around fashion and classic styles. She always manages to amaze with her choices of outfits for various events and occasions. Reflecting her impeccable style, in this photo she wears a coat, fascinator and pumps in dark green. The shamrock brooch, in a brighter shade of green, adds a nice touch of color to the look.

Photo Credit: Samir Hussein/WireImage via Instyle


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