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Power Dressing with Unconventional Styles

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Power Dressing with Unconventional Styles

When it comes to corporate dress codes, dark colored suits, black pants, white or pastel colored shirts are the things that come to our minds. In other words, very little room for creativity. But there are women who are not afraid to push the boundaries of formal dress codes at work and give corporate fashion a new and refreshing meaning. These women use unconventional styles to upgrade their work wear in a tasteful and stylish way. Powerful women own themselves and are not afraid to make changes that help them better underline their unique personalities. They do it in a subtle and elegant manner, so that they can still inspire trust and professionalism.

Power dressing for women started as they began to put their imprint in professions ruled mostly by men. It also meant adapting to more masculine attires to fit the body of a woman, like pinstripe suits and large shoulder pads. Practically, the shapes of a woman’s body were hidden under these clothes. But as fashion styles evolved through the years, corporate wear for women also changed. Modern successful women aren’t afraid to change the outlines of power dressing by opting for feminine silhouettes. Adopting an unconventional style doesn’t mean to rebel against the system. It means to show courage, power, and determination. It means to show a different perspective over things but in a diplomatic and sophisticated manner.

Here are examples of two such powerful and successful women that apply unconventional styles very well for their professional attires. One is Amal Clooney, a real-life barrister, and the other is Jessica Pearson, a reel-life lawyer.

They look effortlessly immaculate and poised. Their hair well-groomed, their outfits well fitted and styled with the right accessories. No matter what they decide to wear, they manage to exude power and a high degree of self-confidence.

Amal Clooney

Amal loves wearing pleated skirts, bold prints, and bright colors. She also has an obvious preference for red lipstick and unconventional collars. Her choices are daring and yet she appears trustworthy and highly professional without being afraid to look like a stylish woman.

Photo 1 Credit: Splash News via Vogue 
Photo 2 Credit: Splash News via Vogue 


Jessica Pearson

Jessica opts for feminine necklines, which often feature ruffles or sensual “V” lines. She also wears off-shoulder pieces and asymmetric cuts, a rather bold choice for office attires. And when it comes to corporate fashion with a sober appearance, she softens them up by going for feminine prints with soft textures and fabrics. She also loves to accessorize with statement jewelry, which adds style and a pop of color to her ensemble.

Photo 1 Credit: USA Network/Universal Cable Productions via Sheknows
Photo 2 Credit: Imdb

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