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A Letter to Self

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A Letter to Self

Dear Self,

Your experiences in life have either created or significantly influenced the mold in which you live today. Your past actions have brought you to where you are now. But your past will not have any power on your future, if you let go of the tight hold that you have on your past. Free yourself from yesterday’s mistakes to have a different tomorrow. You’ve got the chance to start something new now. Create a fresh ‘past’ for your life; one of motivation, one that you can happily talk of in the future.

Today is a good time to embrace your uniqueness. Yes, you’ve often let others decide your self-worth and get overly concerned with what they think and say about you. Seize from walking that path. You’re unique altogether—in body, mind, talents, and strengths. You are the only one that can truly appreciate YOU. When you realize and value your own worth, only then will others accept you for who you are.

Giving love and building strong relationships with family, friends and community are very important. But it is not worth losing your sense of self-worth in the process. If you can’t sense the reading of your internal compass, then it’s time to take a break. You must have pushed yourself into oblivion. It is OK to make “YOU” a priority. LISTEN, FOCUS on being the “YOU” that you can love, before trying to love someone else. Find that music that connects you to your inner peace.

Conquer your fears! Confronting your fears will soon have your system re-wired and help you climb any mountain that comes your way no matter its height. Push through your fears and reach out for your dreams in life. You are beautiful. You are special. You have the strength to keep going through the lonely tunnels of life until you’re out in the shining light.

And I know one day you will become your dreams – our dreams. Just don't give up on the way.

Always with you,

Yours truly. xoxo

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