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Purple Dew Story


 Purple Dew is my dedication to every woman who embraces the essence of who she is. With an intention and inspiration, I sketch designs that can do more than make you look beautiful. They can be a reflection of your unique tastes, beliefs, and passion in life. By empowering them with your heart’s intentions, you can use them as symbols reminding you of your goals and desires. 

My pieces showcase delicate feminine aesthetics that flow gracefully into strong geometric patterns. With their sharp edges, lines and visibly striking appeal, I use geometric shapes to symbolize strength. Butterflies are a very common in my designs as they symbolize transformations and new beginnings. A symbol that reminds us to accept and embrace change as it is an integral part of our life’s journey. I arrange all design elements to create a sense of balance and harmony.

Each collection oozes a modern sophistication. With niche and eye-catching designs, all collections maintain a classic essence at its core. Each product is a one of a kind combination of color, texture and design, with great attention to detail and quality. Beyond the aesthetics, these combinations altogether fit, speaks of you, and magnifies the unequaled beauty in you.

With Love

-Nisha Puthur
Designer & Founder