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Jewelry to Enhance Your Eye Color

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Jewelry to Enhance Your Eye Color

Photo Credit: SassyDaily

Jewelry has played a significant part in a woman’s life since ages. Be it a form of self-expression or an accessory to complement their outfit, jewelry makes a woman feel beautiful and special. But, did it ever occur that you can use the color of your jewelry to make your eye color stand out? It is said that “eyes are the windows to your soul” as they are the most expressive part of your face. So, why not use the power of colors to enhance these beauties.

What to pay attention to? Necklaces and earrings are used to enhance the color of your iris as they are the closest to your face. When choosing jewelry, you need to pick colors that can match or complement the color of your eyes. Other considerations are the size and color intensity. When we say size, we make reference to the amount of color used. For example, if you use big statement earrings or necklaces, then you should keep the color of your attire and makeup to neutral tones. In most cases, you just need a little bit of color to create the desired effect.

If you like contrasts better, then intensity of the color is the key. After all, you want your eyes to take center stage. So, choose a color that is less intense than the color of your eyes for a spectacular and dramatic effect. Here is a guide to choosing jewelry colors depending on the natural color of your eyes.

Brown eyes

Green, purple, blue, brown, teal and turquoise bring out the warmth of brown eyes. For metals, opt for gold or rose gold. Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway, show us how to accessorize beautiful brown eyes with the well-chosen earrings or necklaces.

Photo 1 Credit: GlamourParis
Photo 2 Credit: FlynetPictures via StyleBistro

Blue eyes

When it comes to choosing jewelry for blue eyes, red, orange, gray, turquoise and blue are the best picks. Regarding metals, blue eyes show up best with silver. Taylor Swift and Zoey Deschanel wear complementary statement jewelry to show off their gorgeous blue eyes.

Photo 1 Credit: John Kopaloff via RedBookMag 
Photo 2 Credit: Desiree Navarro via StyleBistro

Green eyes

If you have green eyes, go for purple or green. When it comes to metals, you are free to choose any metal color you like. Jennifer Lawrence and Arizona Muse highlight their eye colors through jewelry to make a statement.

Photo 1 Credit: Pablo Cuadra via usmagazine
Photo 2 Credit: Pascal Le Segretain via Zimbio

Hazel eyes

Purple, pink, and green work great for hazel eyes. Just like in the case of brown eyes, gold and rose gold are the best when it comes to metals. These beautiful ladies chose the perfect earrings to enhance the intensity of their eye color.


Photo 1 Credit: Janet Gough/ via Sabreakingnews
Photo 2 Credit: Getty Images via Cosmopolitan

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