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Self-Reflection to Create Balance

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Self-Reflection to Create Balance

Connecting with yourself, your higher-consciousness, helps you create harmony and balance in life. When you take the time to do an in-depth process of self-reflection and introspection, you may bring to surface facts that you didn’t know about yourself. Knowing yourself at the core makes it easier to pen down your values, passion, strengths and weaknesses. It helps you focus on the possible and carve out the best path for your life.  

Practicing self-reflection gives your life clarity, direction and purpose. You become more aware of yourself and gives you the chance to develop and grow. Greater clarity also helps you to channel your energy in a positive direction. When you learn from your past mistakes and constantly work on improving your life, you will become the best version of yourself.

How to create balance:

1. CREATE a self-reflection process

A thorough process of self-reflection, gives you a clear view of your personal values, dreams, strengths and weaknesses. Whether you are using a journal or log, make sure you come up with a plan, create a routine and stick with it. Deep breathing, relaxation and meditation are very effective techniques to help you with the process of self-reflection. Start with small routines and work your way up to big ones.

2. DEFINE your priorities and action plan

Knowing what matters the most to you and what skills to have to reach the desired goals is very important. Priorities are the actions you take to accomplish your dreams and values.  Once you define your priorities, invest your time and energy on your top priorities. Productivity decreases if you take on too many commitments.

3. ACT to achieve your goals

Once you have your priorities and plan in place, Act on it. The sooner you put your plans into action, the closer you will get to achieving your goals. Stay present, focused and keep distractions away. It’s OK to say no to things, people or relationships that make you unhappy, uncomfortable and drain your mental energies.


Periodically reflecting on your ongoing actions and improvising your plans help you reach your goals faster. This should be a continuous process. A process that helps you reduce stress and helps you live in peace and harmony. A process that creates balance in life.

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