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Nava Two Layer Black Pendant Gold Necklace
Nava Two Layer Black Pendant Gold Necklace

Purple Dew Jewelry

Nava Two Layer Black Pendant Gold Necklace

$ 52.00

Simplicity has its own charm. A minimalist 2 layer necklace adorned with white cubic zirconia crystals with a matte gold plated geometric pendant. Also featured is a pear shaped black cubic zirconia crystal drop embraced by  a matte gold plated butterfly. 

Plating: 18K Gold Matte Finish

Base Metal: Brass

Gold Pendant Length: 0.75 inches | Width: 0.325 inches

Chain length: 14.5 inches and 16.5 inches with 2 inches extension

Crystals: Black and White Cubic Zirconia

Collection Story:
The Nava collection embodies the grace and beauty of a strong woman who does not shy away from her feminine energies. The design represents a harmonic interplay of both the masculine and feminine energies within an ambitious woman who maintains the most optimal state of her being. Straight lines and sharp-edged design elements are used to represent masculine energies. Shapes with curved lines like the pear shape and circles symbolize feminine energies.