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Crystal Studded Gold Plated Disk Pendant Necklace
Crystal Studded Gold Plated Disk Pendant Necklace
Leila Gold Disk Pendant Necklace

Purple Dew Jewelry

Leila Gold Disk Pendant Necklace

$ 48.00

Capturing the beauty of the night sky, the gorgeous necklace adds a touch of ethereal beauty to your look. The striking contrast of dark blue enamel and shimmering Cubic Zirconia crystals is used to represent a star studded night sky.

Plating: 18K Gold

Base Metal: Brass

Pendant Length: 1.75 inches | Width: 1.12 inches

Chain length: 17 inches with 3 inches ext

Crystals: White Cubic Zirconia, Dark Blue Enamel

Designed in USA.

Collection Story:
The Leila collection from Purple Dew radiates the elegance of the night sky. When you gaze at a starry night sky, you can see the beauty and grandeur of the universe. It is a symbol of hope, limitless potential and immense power that lay beyond what you could see. If you look far enough in the depth of our your being, there exists unlimited possibilities. So even during the darkest times, you will find your light and strength.