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Mirasol Bloom Drop Gold Earrings
Mirasol Bloom Drop Gold Earrings
Mirasol Butterfly Bloom Drop Earrings Purple Dew
Mirasol Bloom Drop Gold Earrings

Purple Dew Jewelry

Mirasol Bloom Drop Gold Earrings

$ 48.00

These chic earrings feature golden sunflowers in full bloom. Also featured are black acrylic petals, black acrylic disk post and a golden butterfly.

Plating: 18K Gold

Base Metal: Brass

Earring Length: 2.25 inches | Width: 0.98 inches

Crystals: Black acrylic

Designed in USA.

Collection Story: 
The Mirasol collection features cheerful sunflowers that hold their heads high, seeking the warmth and strength from the sun. They are a symbol of endurance, happiness and positivity. Just like how the sunflower follows the light of the sun, we can use our positive energy to stay radiant, strong and guide us through our hardest times.